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TAG Heuer

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For official J-League sponsors, TAG Heuer Japan, the kick-off of every new season comes with a fresh opportunity to connect with passionate soccer fans throughout the country. That's where we've come in. No matter the platform, be it Line, Twitter, or Instagram, there's always a hack to be found, a bot to be deployed, or a video game to be crafted...



As a Meiji Yasuda Seimei J-League top partner, TAG Heuer has hundreds of game tickets to give away each season. UltraSuperNew decided to gamify the give away process by creating the first ever bot-driven "Choose Your Own Adventure" Twitter game for TAG Heuer: TAG Heuer Pressure PK.

During 5 days, users were challenged to score penalty kicks to win tickets in this interactive Twitter game, simply by replying to @TAGHeuerJapan with a direction to shoot in.

Unlike typical lottery systems that make users wait for their results, or Twitter games that force users to jump from one account to another, The TAG Heuer Pressure PK game allowed users to find out whether they won instantaneously within a single Twitter conversation. The storyline is revealed through a series of throwback 8-bit animations by artist Kazuki Takakura, who put his own spin on the 80's look of classic soccer video games.


24,100 games played

4.1m organic impressions

6,100 Twitter followers gained



TAG Heuer Japan, an official partner of the Japanese Football League, wanted to increase its social media presence amongst Japanese soccer fans and had several professional match tickets to give away for this purpose. But how to do it in a way that was both appealing to this fastidious audience and conveyed TAG Heuer’s essence of never cracking under pressure?

By looking at Instagram through the eyes of a true football fanatic. Pressure FK turned the once-trivial slider sticker into a free kick shoot power bar, very much like the ones you’d find in most soccer video game franchises, making Instagram Stories a game of skill and precision in the process. Judging by the amount of new followers and shots taken you can reach two conclusions: the game was as challenging as it was engaging.

93% completion rate

+43% Instagram follower growth

10,000+ free-kicks taken



USN created a Twitter campaign called "Kagawa Connected Challenge", featuring Shinji Kagawa, the promotion ambassador for the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 that launched this year.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is a new watch that allows the wearer to create over 600 designs from the combination of straps and materials of your choice. For this campaign, we developed a game in which players had to guess which combination Shinji Kagawa chose for the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45. The winner received two tickets to the final round of the AFC (Japan vs. Australia) in summer 2017. Through this campaign, we were able to spread news of this watch utilizing the interactive format of this game.