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Drag and drop




Social, Digital, Activation

2019, 2020


The task was huge: Take Martell to their rightful place in the minds and hands of younger millennials. How could we introduce the brand to a brand new generation while still retaining its existing audience? This is how.


Martell Curious Sessions

A Drag Queen, A Writer, An ASMR artist and A Heavy Metal Band Walk Into A Bar...

To spark conversation around Martell NCF's tagline 'Be Curious', we created a branded video

series in collaboration with local alternative media outfit, RICE Media, and dared Singaporeans

to step out of their comfort zones. "Curious Sessions" brought together two parties from vastly

different backgrounds as they dove head-first into curious, lesser-known subcultures. It also

takes immense pride in featuring Singapore's first branded queer content. Cheers to progress.


Audy Bleu

The Real Story Behind An Unreal Lady

In 2019, we launched Singapore's first branded virtual influencer, Audy Bleu. With a personality as bright as her electric blue hair, Audy helped Martell fulfill a specific need - to bring the brand into the social media conversations in an audacious way. She has partied with the who's who of the party scene at Martell events, concocted exclusive Martell cocktail recipes, and even collaborated with her PUMA virtual counterpart, Maya. Considering the amount of shares, comments, and questionable DMs she's received, we'd like to think Audy turned out to be a virtual success.


Martell Homemade

Go Hard And Stay Home

The year is 2020, and Singapore is staying home for good reason. Since bar-hopping was out of the picture, how could we still get people thinking and drinking Martell? The solution: #MartellHomemade, a digital initiative that saw us bringing entertainment and cocktail recipes right to people's homes. Working together with DJs and Martell's brand ambassadors, #MartellHomemade saw weekly programmes filled with branded Facebook Live DJ sets, and videos of unique cocktail recipes viewers could make at home. Fun fact: The cocktails were so popular, they've found their way to bars and clubs as mainstay menu items.