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Since 2016, we have established the renowned TABASCO® Brand's social presence in Japan on Facebook and Instagram, sparking conversation and exposure for the iconic hot sauces. Our creative and social strategy gives the TABASCO® Brand a life of its own in the Japan market through local content and activations to engage and educate both existing and new fans. After growing the @tabascojapan Instagram channel from zero to over 30,000 followers, we have since gone on to launch a website that serves as a platform and home base for recipes and Japan-exclusive campaigns such as the popular TABASCO® Brunch Club series.



For Japan's first-ever TABASCO® Brand event we invoked the spirit of summer festivals, creating bespoke 'Yatai stand' to draw attention to different experiences for the guests such as sampling the fiery pepper mash from which TABASCO® Sauce is made. The menu was designed by Kan Morieda, owner and chef of the popular Salmon + Trout restaurant in Shimokitazawa. Featuring new takes on more traditional Japanese dishes, guests were surprised and delighted with the versatility of TABASCO® Sauce.

This invite-only event was attended by a variety of social media food influencers and media publications and was well-received by all attendees. The event received praise from various media publications and on social media using the #TABASCO150 hashtag.



TABASCO® Brand came to USN with the objective of catering to Japanese millennials through social media, highlighting the craftsmanship of their iconic sauces, and educating consumers on new ways to use TABASCO® Sauce other than the typical pasta and pizza as seen here in Japan.

We relaunched the local TABASCO® Japan Facebook page and launched a Japanese Instagram page based on this new strategy. USN worked with a photographer and food stylist to produce local content in various formats, and curated relevant global content and local user-generated content to create a complete narrative for the target audience.