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Condoms are not just in men's wallets now, but in women's purses too. Research shows that in some parts of Japan, women actually buy more condoms than the male population, proving that both genders have become very attentive to contraception and the quality of it. However, in contrast to the context above, Japan is one of the most sexless (セックスレス) nation with approximately 77% of Japanese couples rarely talking about sex. We really wanted to steam things up and get these love birds giggling on their way home or even perhaps to the nearest Love-Hotel. Thus, we teamed up with SKYN and launched the brand in Japan with a unique approach to target couples instead of just men, which no other brands were doing, making SKYN the #1 selling condom on Amazon as of today. We were able to shed a positive and vibrant spotlight towards the topic of sex, in a way people can truly open up to. Like, really open up.


Extra LUB

Members of the LGBTQ community have become experts in telling apart opportunistic brands from allies. And like always, we came through extra-smoothly. When one of our associates discovered an extra lubricated condom in America, we saw it as an opportunity to provide a much-needed product in Japan: a condom specially designed to satisfy diverse sexual relationships. We, then, not only successfully persuaded SKYN to challenge this untapped market but also creatively directed and produced Japan's first and only LGBTQ condom: the SKYN Extra LUB. With the new product at hand, we activated it with the world's first Condom Fitting Room at the Tokyo Rainbow Pride with GENXY, the #1 online LGBTQ magazine in Japan. Famed illustrator otokonokoto gave the campaign its unique visual identity. The rest is history: the buzz was so huge that SKYN's booth became the biggest hit at that year's Pride and blew up on social media. Most importantly, SKYN Extra LUB was successfully launched, making them the pioneers of the newly found market and a brand that really cares. Smooth.

We got your love life covered.



"SKYN" seems to be a bold name in the game, but really lives up to its reputation. We held focus groups to test SKYN, receiving a 90% positive feedback preferring SKYN Condoms over ordinary latex condoms. And no, we did not watch. In such a conservative "hush-hush" environment, we needed to take a subtle, yet bold approach to give couples a warm and cozy nudge to get them going. Inspired by SKYN's innovative soft material we developed the message, "Let's have a softer relationship," and created a free newspaper called SKYNBUN—a pun on the Japanese word for newspaper, "shinbun." We then placed a SKYN condom sample in each SKYNBUN Newspaper and used it as a classic vehicle to softly and discreetly hand it out to couples in front of movie theaters, etc., key dating areas throughout Tokyo. With 3 different designs covering stimulating themes to enjoy sex, and a SKYN Condom inside, we are sure some couples cancelled their plans for the evening.