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Jameson is one of the world's most beloved Irish Whiskey brands. For Halloween 2016, USN promoted Jameson on the streets of Shibuya. Converting a whiskey barrel, USN created the mysterious steampunk "Jameson Barrel Bar" and brought it to the heart of Shibuya with the help of a "Barrel-tender". With the most party-goers coming out to celebrate Halloween in Shibuya that year, the Jameson Barrel Bar received a lot of attention and became a popular topic on social media.

In addition, USN produced Halloween displays with a steampunk twist for bars in Shibuya. The interactive Halloween decorations, such as zombie cosplay coasters, game coasters you can play with your friends and glow-in-the-dark bottle stands, successfully bridged the gap between brand and consumer.

Total Reach: 3,100,000+