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DBS Bank

Activation, Design, Event, Social, Space



DBS Bank wanted to introduce their Live Fresh Card to millennials on their own turf, at local music festival, Ultra Singapore 2018. The goal? To give their 40,000 partygoers the freshest, most insta-worthy and talked-about activation of the fest. Easy. We created the Fresh Swing, Asia's first tech-enabled rain swing that spelt out personalised names with water droplets as you swung. And the Fresh Kaleidoscope, an insta-worthy mirrored installation that transported festival-goers to distant lands, flavours and fashion, representing the fresh experiences available with a DBS Live Fresh Card. Working with four varsity influencers with strategic lifestyle passion points, we amplified awareness and engagement of our Fresh Swing and Fresh Kaleidoscope.

Over two days, we gathered over 15,000+ impressions, 800+ Fresh Swing interactions and were awarded a Silver for Best Branding Event of 2018 by Marketing Events Awards for our efforts.


Our campaign won Gold at Marketing Events Awards 2018 / DBS Bank named overall winner at The Marketing Events Awards 2018