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Wargaming group, that produced World of Tanks Blitz, a massively popular multiplayer game, approached us to come up with a testing campaign in order to drive organic game installs in Japan. We proposed to raise awareness of World of Tanks Blitz by reaching the gamer community through an online game minisite of a genre that's unique to Japan: a dating simulation game.

USN then concepted, produced and promoted a game called Tank Head Girl, which goal is to win over the heart of a longtime classmate, named Ayano Konkara who has a British tank on her head. Soon after we launched, the campaign started spreading organically, and within two weeks, over 80 news media covered our story, followed by more than 8,000 organic tweets, as well as the dozens of youtube video published. As a result, the minisite reached over 150,000 page views and the number of gameplay reached over 20,000 times with over 12,000 unique participants all around the world.

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