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Village House

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Village House is a rental housing service that started in 2017. USN concepted and produced their nationwide launch campaign.

Village House provides a selection of high quality and reasonable apartments all over the country, and rids them of the numerous and costly inconveniences that come with renting an apartment in Japan, such as deposit, key money, renewal fee and commissions.

To visualize Village House's USP in an eye-catching way, we came up with the "Ridiculous Conditions": embodiments of the aforementioned inconveniences. Famous Japanese comedian Cunning Takeyama then tells future tenants that they no longer have to put up with such annoying conditions, by choosing Village House.

In the follow-up campaign (2018), Shikikin, Reikin, and Koshinryo (Japanese for deposit, key money, and renewal fee respectively) are featured on the "Village House Appraisal Show", a parody of popular Japanese TV shows where participants get their valuable possessions appraised by experts. Here, to the surprise of the families that have been putting up with these inconvenient rental conditions for years, they turn out to be completely worthless.