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Look at the pink disk closely. Look at it intensely. Hypnotized yet?

Why not use this time to clean your screen? It's filthy.

Rome wasn't built in a day, so what did you expect of a 3D-modeled, interactive city?

By the way, what's your lucky number? Mine is 76.

Great things come to those who wait. But don't wait too long, great things also like assertiveness.

Don't rush it: we are marinating our work in creative juices.

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Norwegian Seafood Council

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In this hyperconnected world, where news, tweets, and notifications seem to gush endlessly, even mealtimes are at risk of disruption: 75% of Japanese consumers claim they cannot concentrate on their food because of digital distractions. People have become so engulfed in their gadgets that they forget to raise their heads and see what's in front of them. Even when what's in front of them is a yummy mackerel from Norway cooked to perfection.

So how did we manage to make them put their phones down?

We created a plate that doesn't work: the Balance Plate.

This seemingly useless piece of tableware comes with only one leg and will spill your food unless you stabilize it. How? By letting go of your phone and sliding it into the slit, specially designed to fit most smartphone models. Oops, now you have no choice but to disconnect and focus solely on your meal.

Picked up by 100+ national and international media outlets

Generated 61M yen worth of PR value

2.7M impressions