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Beats by Dr. Dre

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UltraSuperNew has been responsible for managing the Beats by Dre social presence in Japan for over 5 years.

Focusing on LINE, Facebook and Twitter we adapt global campaigns and stories to ensure they resonate with our local Japanese audience. In addition, we work with Beats by Dre to create local content moments whether it's advising on up-and-coming talents in the Japanese music scene to cultural trends on social media. By working closely with media agency partners we create targeting rollout plans that maximize user engagement and outreach to make the biggest social media impact possible.


"For the Love of Music" Tokyo

During Beats by Dre's For the Love of Music activation in Tokyo, USN assisted Beats by Dre Japan's social communication to drive interest in the events happening at the end of May, including an Apple retail event and a party in Shibuya.

By heavily promoting the brand's social activity in advance, USN was able to help leverage the Twitter trend, prepping the audience for live updates from the special events. The Apple retail live updates on Beats by Dre Japan's Twitter were the top performing live Tweets ever conducted from the brand's account and allowed eager fans to have an exclusive peek into the high-profile talk.


MIYAVI Social Activation

During Beats by Dre's Got No Strings campaign celebrating the launch of their new product Beats X, USN planned and executed a poster giveaway with Beats Hero MIYAVI. Taking a guerrilla approach, the rock star signed Beats by Dre campaign posters in Shibuya. Beats by Dre Japan's Twitter followers were then asked to find the signed posters in Shibuya to get a chance to win the posters.

Thanks to great communication between USN, the brand and its partners, the giveaway campaign generated high engagement and a lot of buzz. MIYAVI's team reposted Beats' Tweets onto their own channels, maximizing reach among MIYAVI fans. The giveaway campaign proved to be a successful activation to promote awareness of the new product with the help of a big talent.



How do you rise above the non-stop rabble of social media? By canceling out the noise and creating content that strikes a real chord with music lovers. We launched Beats by Dre in Japan, and have kept it thumping like it should.

Get millions of impressions for a single post? Check. Wrap Shibuya up with posters, guerrilla-style? Yup. A novel music experience with the town's hottest DJs that broke the internet? Done. Bonus: our agency's playlist has improved dramatically.


Powerbeats Pro launch

With the Powerbeats Pro buy button going live, the new elite headphones were reintroduced

to Japanese consumers with media support placed behind the organic Twitter announcement.

These efforts expanded the reach of the post, garnering over 2.1M impressions and 10K clicks to site.