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In honor of the brand's name, we'll keep it brief: We've had as much fun creating the following projects for MINI as you'd get from driving one pedal to the metal on an empty Tokyo highway at 3 a.m.


MINI GINZA Live Canvas

With MINI GINZA Live Canvas, we brought in live painting artists Rinpa Eshidan to do a 2 day live painting performance at MINI GINZA, all performed on a revolving turntable.

The event drew a steady crowd with audience participation and activities over the two day period and also had a follow up impact online as the video of the work hit Youtube, gaining more than 300,000 views. The painted car is also displayed at MINI dealerships.



For MINI WEEKEND, we brought Dean & Deluca together with MINI to create the perfect weekend experience in the form of a cafe each weekend over a two month period at MINI GINZA. A short story on the front of the building helps to set the tone for a weekend of adventure and indulgence.