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Red Bull

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Red Bull gives you wings, we provided the runway. Our decade-long partnership as lead agency for Red Bull Japan has resulted in the brand to become the top-selling energy drink in Japan which, in turn, has become one of its leading markets globally. From creative directing the launch of their first Japan-only cans to creating unique platforms in Japan such as the first E-sports tournaments, etc. It's been one wild, taurine-induced ride, and we rode it all the way home, together. Oh, and we've brought B-Boys, BMX riders and indie music lovers along for it.



Have you ever had a part stolen from your bike? Well, that's too bad. To promote the Red Bull Box Cart Race in Tokyo, where contestants had to build their own vehicles with spare parts, we deliberately parked 100 bicycles around the Shibuya/Harajuku area, with wheels and seats removed to make it look like they were "borrowed." We then purposely placed signs that were addressed to "the owner" of those bikes, promising to return the parts after the race was over. This publicity stunt gathered massive attention online, as well as on the streets including suspicious policemen. The policemen were smiling as they praised us for the clever idea, but asked us not to do it again. We never returned those parts.



You name it, we did it, and we did it big. USN created a full 360° campaign for BC One Finals in Asia. We launched Red Bull's BC One Finals with a concept that combined traditional Japanese print and binding techniques with modern B-Boy aesthetics, which resulted in a huge success. Tickets were going faster than they could be printed, and as soon as they were sold out in three days, people started offering them online for over 35x the original value. Many at Red Bull still talk about this event, calling it the turning point in the Red Bull World. It certainly made our Head-Spin.



After localizing many global Red Bull platforms, we were able to convince Red Bull HQ to create unique Japan-born platforms. Expectations were high, but like always, we delivered like we had wings. We created a 100% USN-like, planned and produced platform, "Live on the Road," that shed a bright spotlight on up-and-coming indie talents to give them the opportunity to really stand out and rock it in Japan's hyper-saturated music scene. Each band were to promote their own music and presence on the platform, which lead to a judging system where the most fan-endorsed band got to perform on the Red Bull stage at Summersonic Festival alongside Japan's renown rock band, ONE OK ROCK and a recording at the Red Bull studios in Europe. This event was such a success that it was then exported and incorporated to Korea and Australia as well. It's not easy being a rockstar in this industry, but it sure feels good.