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Lazada Singapore

Film, Social



Lazada is one of the fastest-growing online retailers operating across Southeast Asia. With USN at the helm, whether its for Mother's day or a free delivery campaign, we produced campaigns that hit the audience on point with surreal dance moves, parodies, futuristic robots from the 70s, and more.


Whatever makes you happy

To announce three new delivery pillars, USN conceptualized three videos focused around the key message of "Whatever Makes You Happy". The videos centered on a local family of four as they went about their online shopping exploits, expressing their joy through surreally choreographed dance sequences. The videos reached a combined total of close to 1.5 million views. This makes us happy.


Buy me shit

Mother's Day videos tend to be sappy and overtly sentimental. To promote Lazada's Mother's Day offers, we went the other way.

Working with local indie director Jasper Tan aka Vadbibes, and in-demand influencers Youtiao666, USN produced a parody of run-of-the-mill Mother's Day ads. Done in the form of a stylised rap music video featuring a cooler-than-thou mum who nags lyrical, the video implored viewers not so subtly to skip the niceties and buy their mums something.

It went viral within days, reaching 351k views on Lazada's Facebook page alone. Social media engagement of the brand went up by an incredible 10,000% over the week the video was live.



To promote Lazada Singapore's offerings of free delivery with no minimum spend, we came up with a series of films highlighting the incredulity of the offers, by juxtaposing them against incredibly unbelievable scenarios. Done in a retro, B-grade movie style to fit the theme, these short films played across Lazada Singapore's social media platforms.