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Rome wasn't built in a day, so what did you expect of a 3D-modeled, interactive city?

Why not use this time to clean your screen? It's filthy.

We'd let you in now, but we don't want to break the heart of the guy who animated the spinning logo.

Look at the pink disk closely. Look at it intensely. Hypnotized yet?

Great things come to those who wait. But don't wait too long, great things also like assertiveness.

By the way, what's your lucky number? Mine is 76.

Our Reel

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PUMA's international  "Run The Streets" campaign featuring The Weeknd celebrates the hustlers, the

ones who follow their passion while remaining true to their roots. USN was tasked by PUMA

Singapore to recreate this campaign, and contextualise it for the local market. We curated a group

of six individuals – an urban-foraging bartender, a crochet artist, a hawker chef, among others – to

be the faces of the campaign. They were then showcased in a music video written and performed

by popular Singaporean rapper ShiGGa Shay, highlighting the dedication to their craft and their

drive to succeed. Profile videos for the “hustlers” were also released to accompany the music video.