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On May 7 & 8, Tokyo Rainbow Pride was held in Yoyogi Park, Harajuku. At this event, UltraSuperNew helped Netflix Japan with the promotion of Orange Is the New Black. USN developed the strategy and creative, launching a booth at the center of Rainbow Pride and designing a print ad. We developed the key visual by changing the color of the characters’ costume into a rainbow in order to show the support to the LGBT community. This print ad won the Gold Award at Graphis Competition 2018, an international competition for graphic design, making USN one of the first Japanese creative agencies to win an international award for an LGBT-themed advertisement. We’d like to thank everyone who visited the venue at Yoyogi Park and joined in the parade during the event on May 7th and 8th 2016, as well as Netflix for supporting our idea. UltraSuperNew will continue to express freedom, courage and diversity through creativity.