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“Cognac? That’s what my uncle drinks.” .

"Cognac? That's what my uncle drinks." - The average 20-something-old Singaporean
The task was huge: Take Martell to their rightful place in the minds and hands of younger millennials.
How could we introduce the brand to a brand new generation while still retaining its existing audience? With a combination of new drinking rituals, collaborative product development, a social media revamp, digitial activations, and a genuine championing of subcultures.

The Real Story Behind An Unreal Lady .

In 2019, we launched Singapore’s first branded virtual influencer, Audy Bleu. With a personality as bright
as her electric blue hair, Audy helped Martell fulfill a specific need - to bring the brand into the social media conversations in an audacious way. She has partied with the who's who of the party scene at Martell events, concocted exclusive Martell cocktail recipes, and even collaborated with her PUMA virtual counterpart, Maya. Considering the amount of shares, comments, and questionable DMs she's received, we'd like to think Audy turned out to be a virtual success.